Account Settings

Use the Account Settings page to review or edit your account details, manage users, and register test mode devices. To access your Account Settings page, expand the drop menu next to the email address in the top right corner of the Publisher UI, and select Account settings. If you have multiple publisher accounts under your MoPub email login, you can switch easily between them by changing your selection in this drop menu.

Account Settings

Account Details

The Account details page displays basic information about your account.

Account Settings Account Details

  • Click Edit settings to edit your name, mailing list preference, or country.
  • Click Update password to update your MoPub login password.

This page also contains some useful reference information:

  • You can find your MoPub Publisher ID in this page.
  • You can find and copy your Callback secret key for rewarded ads.

Manage Users

When you create a MoPub account, you automatically have Administrator role privileges and are the Primary Contact of the account. You can then add users in different roles to your MoPub account and control access to your account. This flexibility enables users to access the same account using their individual logins.

You can assign users different roles (Administrator, Member) and different permissions based on those roles. “Members” can make changes to your ad serving, but only “Administrators” can add other users and view or change payment information.

Account Settings Manage Users

Add a New User

To add a new user to your account:

  1. In the Manage users page under your Account Settings, click Edit.

  2. Enter the email address you want to add, select a role from the drop-down, and click Invite user.

The user will receive an email invitation from MoPub.

  • If the user does not already have a MoPub account, they will follow our sign-up flow, with the email address and Company Name already filled in. When the new user signs in, they can access the Publisher UI, and the data of the organization that invited them.

  • If the user already has a MoPub account, they will be prompted to sign in. They can access the Publisher UI and the data of the organization that invited them. They can toggle between their existing account and the new account.

Edit or Remove an Existing User

Administrators can remove someone from the account or change their role as follows:

  1. In the Manage users page under your Account Settings, click Edit.
  2. Change a user’s role, remove a user, or resend their invitation.

Test Mode Devices

In this page, you can register up to 25 test devices per platform (50 total). Registering them here makes it easy to select a device from your list later, when you are assigning a test device to each desired ad unit. Refer to the complete instructions for using mediation test mode in our Mediation Test Mode article.

In the Test Mode devices page under your Account Settings, any devices you have already registered display here. Because a device can only be assigned to one ad unit at a time, if a device is already assigned to an ad unit, the ad unit information is displayed.

Test Mode Account Settings

To register a device:

  1. Click New Test Device.
  2. In the New Test Device page, select the platform (Android or iOS), enter the device’s name, and its device ID.

    Test Mode Register Device


#BackfillForGood gives you the option to fill some or all of your unfilled banner and fullscreen ad space with free ads that amplify public health information and highlight social causes. By enabling #BackfillForGood, you permit MoPub to serve free #BackfillForGood ads when inventory in any of the apps in your account is not filled through your waterfall. MoPub will determine which campaigns to include in #BackfillForGood and the duration of the campaigns. Impressions are provided gratis and participation is at your own risk and subject to the MoPub Terms of Service.

To enable #BackfillForGood:

  1. Accept the MoPub Terms of Service and select which causes you want to support.

  2. In the #BackfillForGood page under your Account Settings, toggle the Enable #BackfillForGood switch.

You can disable #BackfillForGood at any time.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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