Content Blocking

Content blocking at the account level is the one-stop place to apply advertising filters across your account. Here, you can block advertiser URLs, install ads for specific apps, and general ad categories across all the apps in your account. You can always override these account-wide settings at the app level if you want to set unique content filters for individual apps.

Both Marketplace tab and manually-created Marketplace line items will first inherit the content blocking settings at their app level. If no app-specific content blocking settings are defined, then the settings at account level are inherited. Note that we will remove blocking at the line item level in August 2021; after that time, only app-level and account-level blocks will apply.

To access the account-level Content Blocking page, expand the drop menu next to the email address in the top right corner of the Publisher UI, and select Content Blocking. There are two ways to block specific advertiser apps: you can do it by advertiser URL, or by bundle ID. Blocking by bundle ID provides more granular control, because a single advertiser URL may correspond to multiple apps, each with its own bundle ID. You can also block advertisers more generally, by content category.

Advertiser URLs

Use this denylist to block ads from specific advertisers across all your apps (unless overridden at the app level). Enter the URLs for advertisers you want to block, noting that in some cases an advertiser URL corresponds to multiple apps under that advertiser (you can pick and choose more precisely in the App Install Ads page). DSPs receive the blocked advertiser URL information via the adomain field in the bid request.

For the block to be effective, each URL you enter must match the URL provided by the advertiser. You can enter a maximum of 5000 URLs, separated by commas.

Content Blocking Advertiser URLs

To block one or more advertisers:

  1. Enter one or more advertiser URLs to block, using the format, separated by commas.

  2. Click Add to blocklist. The URL now appears in the Blocked URL list.

To unblock an advertiser, select their URL from the Blocked URL list and click Remove selected.


Use this section to block content by category across all your apps (unless overridden at the app level). MoPub always blocks ads that contain illegal, explicit, or deceptive content. In addition, some categories are blocked by default, such as Non-Standard Content and Illegal Content.

Content Blocking Categories

Search Categories and Expand to Browse Subcategories

You can search categories by entering all or part of their name in the search box. In the image below, a search on the word “books” yields multiple categories; expand those lists to choose the subcategories you want to block. (Notice that the “Cigars” category under “Hobbies & Interests” is blocked by default and cannot be modified.)

Content Blocking Search Categories

You can expand and collapse categories to browse subcategories. Categories that are blocked by default have check marks in grayed-out selection boxes, to indicate that they cannot be modified. To block a category, check it. Blue check marks indicate a category you have chosen to block, and can unblock if desired. To allow a category, leave its selection box blank.

Blocking Categories vs. Subcategories

Categories and subcategories function in a parent-child structure.

Blocking an entire category with one quick checkmark is a quick way to block every subcategory within it. If you want to prevent ads about anything to do with Hobbies & Interests, simply block the entire Hobbies & Interests category. When you do this, all its children (Arts & Crafts, Beadwork, Birdwatching, etc.) are automatically blocked as well.

To pick and choose the types of Hobbies & Interests ads you want to allow, don’t block the entire parent Hobbies & Interests category; rather, browse its children and block only those subcategories to which you object. In the image below, only the Card Games and Cigars subcategories are blocked. That means that ads for the remaining children of the parent Hobbies & Interests category will remain allowed (that is, ads for subcategories such as Art/Technology, Board Games/Puzzles, Chess, etc. will still show).

Content Blocking Categories Subcategories

App Install Ads

You can block install ads or re-engagement ads for specific apps. In cases where a single advertiser has multiple apps under its domain, using this method to specify individual apps is more granular than blocking by advertiser URL. DSPs receive the blocked install ad information via the bapp field in the bid request.

Content Blocking App Install Ads

To block install ads:

  1. Start typing the name of an app in the search box and click Search. A list of all apps matching your entry displays.

  2. Click +Block app next to any apps you want to block. The app’s bundle ID now displays in the list of blocked apps below.

To unblock install ads for an app, select its bundle ID from the list of blocked Apps at the bottom of the page, and click Remove selected.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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