Self-Testing Your Creative

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to self-test your creatives using the MoPub Sample App.


The MoPub Sample App is a simple, yet fully functional iOS/Android reference implementation of the MoPub-SDK intended to demonstrate how any creative/tag would render and behave across various ad formats for any MoPub-integrated app.

We have a MoPub Sample App for iOS and a Sample Google Play Store app (which can access globally from an icognito browser).

Supported ad sizes on the MoPub platform:

  • Phone: Banner (320×50), MRect (300×250), Fullscreen (320×480), Rewarded Video (320×480) and Native (custom defined dimensions)
  • Tablet: Leaderboard (728×90), MRect (300×250), Fullscreen (1024×768), Rewarded Video (1024×768) and Native (custom defined dimensions)

Being able to use the MoPub Sample App provides a way of seeing exactly how a creative/tag would render/behave in any live app that is integrated properly with the MoPub SDK.

Create a MoPub publisher test account

Step 1: Create a “test app” and “test ad unit(s)”

Detailed Steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab and click ‘New App’
  2. Select ‘Add your app manually’
  3. Choose the correct platform - Android or iOS
  4. Complete filling out the form with the app details
  5. Click ‘Save and Create ad unit’
  6. Fill out the information to create an ad unit to use for testing
  7. Click “Save and View Code Integration”
  8. Note the provided ad unit ID, you will need this later.

Step 2: Create a line-item which will target your testing ad unit(s)

Now that you have created an ad unit placement, you need to create an order and line-item(s) to serve a creative/tag to your ad unit. An order can contain one or more line-items

  1. Create a new order

    • Navigate to the “Orders” tab and click “Create Order”
  2. Create an order, exammple settings:

    • Order name: Name it something that describes the type of line-items you are creating (ie: MRAID_certification_iOS only)
    • Advertiser: ‘None’
    • Description: Optional

    • Click ‘Save & create line item’
  3. Create a Guaranteed line item, example settings:

    • Line item name: Name your line-item with as much detail as possible as it relates to the platform/tag size you will be serving (ie: MRAID-cert-Android-Phone-320×50)
    • Type: “Guaranteed”
    • Priority: ‘1’
    • Under Budgeting & schdule check the Start immediately box and ignore the other options
    • Click ‘Next’
    • Select the ad units you will use to test the line item
    • Click ‘Next’
    • Ignore ‘Audience targeting’ settings and click ‘Save’
    • Setup the creative that you wish to test by completing the ‘New Creative’ form
  4. At this point, you have just created a line item that will serve a single creative to a specified ad unit.

Step 3: Install the MoPub Sample App

Install the MoPub Sample App and load creatives on your iOS/Android test device.


NOTE: The iOS sample app hosted on this page will always be integrated with the latest MoPub iOS SDK . When a new SDK is released; you must re-install the latest version from this page . The app will NOT auto-update on your test device.

  1. Open the MoPub Sample App for iOS on your iOS test device (iPhone or iPad) –
  2. Click “INSTALL”; then open the app once installed (located on your phone’s home screen)
  3. Once you open the app; click the ‘!’ icon in the top left corner of the main screen to to display the SDK version your sample app is integrated with. Confirm that this SDK version matches the most up-to-date version by checking our iOS MoPub SDK release notes.

4b) Android

NOTE: The Android app hosted on this page will always be integrated with the latest MoPub Android SDK. When a new SDK is released; the sample app should auto-update via the Google Play store service.

  1. Search the Google Play Store for “mopub” on your Android test device (phone or tablet)and download/install the “MoPub Sample App”. (Link here)
  2. Click “Install”, then open the app once installed.
  3. Once you open the app; check the bottom of the main screen for “SDK Version”. Confirm that this SDK version matches the most up-to-date version by checking our Android MoPub SDK release notes.

Step 4: Load and display your creatives in the MoPub Sample App

  1. Retrieve the ad unit ID you had previously written down. The ad unit ID can also be found in the URL of your ad unit of the MoPub UI. (See below)

    Ad Unit ID URL Location

    1. Open the MoPub Sample App on your test device
    2. Add your own ad unit ID that you had previously set up in steps 1-3

      iOS Android
      iOS Sample App Screenshot Android Sample App Screenshot
    3. Select the “Ad Type” (banner, interstitial, etc) that corresponds to that specific ad unit. This must match your ad unit’s size configuration in the UI.

    IMPORTANT: Select ‘Interstial’ for the ad type if you are testing VAST video

  2. Carefully enter your ad unit into the “Ad Unit Id” field

    TIP: To avoid typos, email the ad unit ID to your test device and copy/paste it into this field

  3. Enter a descriptive name under ‘Name’ (eg: Testing MRAID banner for Nike campaign). The name does not need to match what is configured in the UI

  4. Click ‘Save’

  5. Select your new ad unit from the main page and click ‘Load Ad’. Your creative should render.

Troubleshooting and Best Practices

  1. Ad does not load on test device
    • Triple check that your ad unit ID is entered correctly
    • Confirm all settings under “Geo, Connectivity, and Device Targeting” in your line-item are as unrestricted as possible
    • Ensure ad unit ID device type (iOS/Android) and size matches the device type you are testing on
    • Ensure creative type/size (banner/interstitial) (step 3) matches the ad unit size that you intend on trafficking that specific creative to
  2. VAST video tag not loading
    • VAST video testing must be performed through end-to-end testing in the MoPub Marketplace.
  3. The “Preview” feature in UI does not properly preview my creative
    • Is your creative MRAID?
      • If yes; only HTML/JS creatives will render in this feature; MRAID creatives must be trafficked/tested in the sample app
      • If not; please confirm whether your creative renders successfully in any other environments
  4. How do I use the Native Manual JSON option?

    If you’d like to use Native Manual JSON instead of the Easy Form option, please ensure your JSON is in the following format:

     { "ctatext": "Install Now!", "iconimage": "http://iconimg.jpeg", "mainimage": "http://mainimg.gif", "text": "This is your text", "title": "Enter Title" }
  5. If you are having any additional issues, please email with the following information:

    • email subj: “MoPub Sample App Creative Testing Help”
    • MoPub UI account email
    • Link to specific ad unit for which you intend on targeting
    • Link to specific line-item that is serving the ad unit you are testing
    • Full JSON bid response that your bidder is responding back with to your test app bid requests (if applicable)

Last updated April 01, 2019

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