Native Browser Click Support

MoPub provides a click-destination scheme to allow the click through of ads to occur within the device’s native browser instead of the default MoPub in-app browser.

Click-destination Scheme Usage

Direct Served Ads

When scheduling direct serve ads, the default click through behavior is to open the landing page in the MoPub in-app browser; however, the click through url can be configured to use the click-destination scheme to allow the click through to open in the device’s native browser.

If you would like to use this functionality in your direct serve creatives, prepend the click-destination scheme before the destination URL.



Note: The URL entered after the click-destination scheme should be URL encoded.

Marketplace and Server to Server Ads

Marketplace buyers and s2s networks can choose to use the click-destination scheme by prepending the scheme before the destination URL of the creative. It is not possible for Publishers to change the click through behavior dictated by MPX or the s2s network.

Mediated SDK Ads

If you are mediating SDK networks through MoPub, the partner SDK will be responsible for the click-through behavior. Mopub will not be able to alter the behavior.

Last updated April 01, 2019

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