Manage Advanced Bidding

Having integrated Advanced Bidding on the backend, complete your Advanced Bidding setup in the Publisher UI.

Step 1. Verify You’re Using the Supported Network Connection

All Advanced Bidding networks must be set up via a supported network connection. Follow the instructions below to verify your connection:

  1. Ensure you are on a supported setup in the Networks tab of the MoPub UI. Supported networks are labeled “SDK Network” in the Implementation column, whereas unsupported network setups are labeled “Custom SDK.” If yours is labeled “Custom SDK,” follow these instructions to migrate to the supported connection.

    Note: You can use the same network placement IDs on the supported instance.

  2. Confirm that you are using the supported MoPub adapters for (iOS, Android, Unity) in your project.

  3. Ensure you have manually initialized each Advanced Bidding network by following our initialization documentation for iOS and Android.

Step 2. Enable Advanced Bidding

Once you have confirmed you are on a supported network connection, you can set up Advanced Bidding.

  1. For networks supported by MoPub auto-migration tool, you can activate Advanced Bidding across all of your ad units and archive traditional line items for that network by choosing from two migration types (automated or manual).

  2. For all the other networks, navigate to the ad unit(s) for which you want to set up Advanced Bidding and select the Advanced Bidding tab.

    Advanced Bidding Tab

  3. If you are enabling Advanced Bidding for the first time, select Enable Advanced Bidding. Otherwise, select Manage Bidders.

    Marketplace content settings

  4. Select a Starting Priority for Advanced Bidding. We recommend enabling Advanced Bidding at priority 1 to allow for the most competition. The Advanced Bidding line item will compete at and below the starting priority you set.

  5. Switch your desired networks for Advanced Bidding to On and add your network IDs. In the future, you can access these settings by clicking the Manage Bidders in the Advanced Bidding tab.

    Understand what network IDs to use by clicking the links below. Please contact the network if you have any questions.

    • AdColony: All zones are eligible for Advanced Bidding with no additional changes.
    • Facebook
    • Pangle
    • Tapjoy
    • Vungle: Work directly with your Vungle account manager to activate Vungle bidding placements.
  6. Turning on MoPub Marketplace, specify fullscreen and display video preferences. These settings are additive to the account level settings. Settings may apply to all Advanced Bidders, not only the Marketplace. To ensure you are receiving the full funnel of demand from Advanced Bidders, we recommend allowing all creative formats and both skippable and non-skippable video.

    Marketplace content settings

    Specify rewarded ad type preferences if applicable:

    Marketplace content settings

Step 3. Follow Advanced Bidding Best Practices

For a successful setup, follow our recommended checklist of best practices:

  • All Advanced Bidding networks must be set up via a supported network instance in the MoPub UI.

  • Leverage MoPub’s auto-migration tool for available networks.

  • When setting price floors, enter the lowest value you will accept for your ad unit. If you do not create a price floor, then the default price floor of $0.01 is applied to all Advanced Bidding networks and the Marketplace.

  • Keep your waterfall structure for non-Advanced Bidding networks the same. Enable Auto CPM for supported non-bidding networks when available. This provides the fairest competition from networks that aren’t submitting a real-time price.

Now we recommend that you test your Advanced Bidding integration.

Last updated September 23, 2021

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