Apps Tab: Manage Apps

Use the Apps tab in the MoPub UI to create, view, and edit your apps. You must have a MoPub account set up before you can create an app.

In the Apps tab, you can:

Apps Tab

Create a New App

To create an app, navigate to the Apps tab as shown in the image above, and click New App in the top right corner. In the New app page, enter your app’s URL to find it in its store, and all of its information is automatically populated for you in our page, where you can still edit each of the fields. Otherwise, click ‘My app is on the Kindle App Store or it’s unpublished’ to manually enter all information.

New App

Because every app must have a minimum of one ad unit, our workflow takes you directly to create one. Click Save & Create ad unit. Refer to our Ad Units article for instructions.

Analyze Requests, Impressions, CTR, and Fill Rate

After you have created and started to use ad units, data begins to populate the Apps tab. Use the graphs on the top of the page to view your apps’ performance.

Specify One or More Apps, or View Performance Across All Your Apps

If you don’t specify an app, the graphs display all your apps’ performance across your account. Once you select one or more apps from the Find apps field, the performance graphs reflect your selection.

Specify a Time Range

By default the numbers displayed reflect performance for the last 14 days. To change the time range, click on the time range field.

  • You can select from the shortcuts we’ve provided to view data for today, yesterday, the last seven days, the last 14 days, this quarter, or last quarter.

  • Alternatively, you can specify a custom period using the calendar feature.

Export Your Report to a File

Click Export in the top right corner to export your report to a CSV file. Your report will be broken out by ad unit.

Understand the Report

  • Requests: The number of times your app has requested to show an ad by hitting our ad request endpoint.
  • Impressions: The number of times an ad request resulted in an impression counted.
  • CTR: The click-through rate is a ratio of clicks to impressions.
  • Fill rate: The fill rate is a ratio of impressions to ad requests.

View the Apps in Your Account

Below the high-level graphs is a list of every app you have created within this MoPub account. You can view some of its details at a glance right on this page, or click on an app to view more app details.

View App Statistics at a Glance

These app details display data for the time period specified at the top of the page.

  • Platform: The platform (iOS, Android) on which your app is built.
  • Ad units: The number of ad units currently set up in your app (regardless of the time period specified).
  • Requests, Impressions, CTR, Fill rate: See definitions above, only at the individual app level.

Drill Into App Details

Clicking on any of the apps listed takes you to the App Details page, where you can examine all the ad units defined for that app.

The App Details page displays the same metrics you saw in the Apps page, but at the individual app level. In the App Details page, you can:

  • Create a new ad unit
  • Edit your app information, which you entered in the New App page
  • Delete your app by clicking the drop menu in the top right corner, next to Edit app (refer to the image below)
  • Filter content at the app level by clicking the drop menu in the top right corner, next to Edit app (refer to the image below) and selecting Content blocking.
  • Analyze your ad units by the same metrics that you saw in the Apps page; you can filter by ad unit name or format, and adjust the time frame
  • Click on any ad unit to drill into its ad unit details

App Details

Content Blocking

There are two places in the MoPub Publisher UI where you can filter content.

  • The first place to filter content is at the account level. To navigate to the account-level Content Blocking page, expand the drop menu next to the email address in the top right corner of the Publisher UI, and select Content Blocking. Any content filtering you specify there applies to all the apps listed under your account. You can always override these high-level settings for each individual app.

  • The second place you can filter content is here, in the Apps tab, when you edit app details. You can choose whether settings you specify here are added to your account-level criteria, or override your account-level criteria.

All entries in your Marketplace tab and all your manually-created Marketplace line items inherit the content blocking settings from the app to which they belong. If there are no settings specified for their app, they inherit the content blocking settings specified for your whole account.

Content Blocking for Your App

Navigate to the app-level Content Blocking page from the App details page by clicking the drop menu in the top right corner, next to Edit app, and selecting Content blocking. The content blocking page for your app is automatically populated with any settings you have specified at the account level.

App Details

  • To override them, select the Override account settings option at the top of the page, shown in the figure below. The data that was auto-populated from your account settings disappears, and you can specify unique content filtering instructions that apply only to this app, following our content blocking instructions.

  • To keep your account-level settings and specify additional content blocking instructions, deselect the Override account settings option at the top of the page, and add your app-specific content blocks, referring to our content blocking instructions.

  • In the past, MoPub offered content blocking at the Marketplace line item level. This functionality be deprecated on August 31, 2021, after which date, you can apply content blocking at either the account level (for all the apps under your account, as described here), or at the individual app level (as described in this article). To carry over your content blocking preferences from the legacy settings at the Marketplace line item level, indicate that you want to migrate them to your app by clicking Apply settings to app as shown below.

    Apply Settings

Last updated August 28, 2021

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