Orders Tab: Manage Orders

Use the Orders tab in the MoPub UI to create, view, and edit your orders and line items with MoPub. You must have a MoPub account set up before you can create an order. You can then create any number of orders within this MoPub account.

In the Orders tab, you can:

Orders Tab

Understand Orders

An order, sometimes referred to as a campaign, is nothing more than a collection of line items. You manage both orders and line items in the Orders tab. Because a line item exists within the context of an order, you must work with orders first (covered in this document), but the real conversation is about line items, which we discuss here.

You can create an order anytime; all you need is a MoPub account first.

View All Orders in Your Account

The Orders tab displays all the orders in your account, but you can filter them by:

  • Order: Start typing the order name in the Find orders or advertisers box
  • Advertiser: Start typing the advertiser name in the Find orders or advertisers box
  • Status: Select ‘All except archived’, ‘Enabled’, ‘Disabled’, or ‘Archived’ from the drop list on top.
  • Time period: Specify the desired time period in the calendar window.

You can sort the orders in ascending or descending order of any of the metrics, or by Advertiser, Status, and Enabled/Disabled state. The metrics shown for your orders is updated based on your filter criteria. These include the Line Items, Impressions, Clicks, and CTR columns.

Enable or Disable an Order

Enabling or disabling at the order level applies the action to all line items within your order. This shortcut is useful if you have organized your orders by demand source. For example, if there is a problem with an ad network, you may need to temporarily disable all line items serving its ads, and you can do so in one action at the order level. To enable or disable an order, toggle the switch in the Enabled column.

Create an Order

To create an order:

  1. Click Create Order in the top right corner.

Create Order

  1. Enter an order name (required). It’s best to use a descriptive name so you can easily identify the order later through search functionality and when pulling reports. You can change the order name at any time.

  2. Enter an advertiser name (required). If you plan to have line items from a variety of advertisers in one order, you can enter “Various” or “Many.” The values in this field are not regulated; it is there to help you sort through your orders when you have many in your account.

  3. Enter an optional description. Click Save & create line item. Every order must have at least one line item, so MoPub takes you directly into the line item workflow.

View and Manage Order Details

Clicking on any order in the Orders page takes you to the Order Details page for that order. Here you can:

  • Edit: Click Edit order in the top right corner to alter any of the information you entered when you followed the steps to create an order.
  • Archive: Select Archive order from the drop list next to Edit order in the top right corner. Archiving is similar to deleting, except that it is not permanent. You can view or reinstate an archived order at any time. You can revisit your archived orders by selecting ‘Archived’ from the drop list at the top of the page.
  • Update: In the Order Details page, you can toggle the order’s enabled/disabled status.
  • Manage line items: In the Order Details page, you can edit each line item’s enabled/disabled status, its priority, and its CPM rate.
  • Create a new line item: From the Order Details page, click New line item in the top right corner to create a new line item.
  • Drill into line item details: The Order Details page lists all the line items belonging to an order. Click on any line item to view and edit line item details.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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