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Welcome to MoPub Marketplace. Use this document first to understand Marketplace: what it is and what it does for publishers. Then follow the instructions to set up Marketplace to enable your inventory for Marketplace auctions.

Understand MoPub Marketplace

MoPub Marketplace is a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange that connects advertisers to publishers. Marketplace runs a real-time auction where DSPs compete to provide the highest bid for each ad impression based on data signals from the user, device, and other key factors that determine the eCPM. Networks (outside of Advanced Bidding) operate on a fixed rate and are unable to bid in real-time. This is the main difference between Marketplace and networks.

MoPub Marketplace is designed to never lose you money. The eCPM received through the Marketplace is compared to the network eCPMs you set up in the MoPub UI. If the Marketplace bid is higher than the network eCPM, the Marketplace ad is delivered. Otherwise, the highest performing ad network ad is shown. Publishers see the most success when using MoPub for network mediation and Marketplace together. Marketplace ensures you receive the optimal price for each ad impression when competing with your networks, while providing incremental fill between them. This combination maximizes overall revenue for your inventory.

MoPub Marketplace supports Android and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad and iPod). The Marketplace supports all of the same formats that MoPub currently supports, which include banner, medium rectangle, native, interstitial, and rewarded ad.

Refer to our Mobile Programmatic Guide for more information about the benefits of mobile programmatic.

More Revenue, Transparency, and Control

MoPub Marketplace is an easy way to monetize your apps more effectively, and with greater transparency and control. Greater real-time bidding volume means more competition, which means higher CPMs for the publisher. Marketplace also enables you to set price floors and content blocking for complete control over every impression, so you can maximize revenue and monetize your audiences from more sources. You can also view the creatives that are running in your app and block the advertiser running them.

Publisher Policy Compliance

Note that any apps you integrate with MoPub Marketplace must comply with our MoPub Publisher Policies. These policies are updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance with them; otherwise, you are subject to removal from the MoPub Platform.

Set Up Marketplace

There are three general steps to getting started with Marketplace: entering your payment information, getting Marketplace approval from MoPub, and setting your CPM floors. Before you embark on those, make sure the prerequisites are complete.

Set Up Marketplace


  • If you haven’t done this already, create an app that is published in an app store and that has a valid app store URL and a link to a privacy policy on the app store page. This is required for Marketplace approval.

  • Create ad units. All your ad units will be automatically enabled for Marketplace once you are approved.

Step 1. Set Up Payments

Some steps of this process differ for U.S. and non-U.S. countries; we provide instructions for all below. If any questions arise as you complete the payments form, contact Mopub Payment Support; for any questions regarding taxes, contact MoPub Tax Support.

  1. In the Marketplace tab, click Set up payments to set up your payment and tax information.

  2. This is a multi-step process. Enter your address information.

    Set Up Marketplace Payment Address

  3. Select a Marketplace payment method. For any questions, contact Mopub Payment Support.

    To be paid via PayPal, the required information is the same for all countries.

    Set Up Marketplace Payment Method

    To be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer, provide your bank account information as defined by your financial institution:

    • United States: All payments are made via direct deposit (ACH). Please confirm the appropriate payment details with your financial institution.

      • Name on account (Beneficiary name)
      • Bank name
      • Routing number
      • Account number
      • Account type
    • Non-U.S. Countries: Based on the country in which you bank it may be mandatory to provide an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and/or other pertinent information for cross-border payments. Please confirm the appropriate payment details with your financial institution. Note that you have the option to be paid in your local currency.

      • Name on account (Beneficiary name)
      • Account Number
      • SWIFT
      • Bank name
      • Bank address
      • Bank city, Province, Postal Code
      • Country
      • IBAN: It may be mandatory to use an IBAN for cross-border payments. Please confirm with your financial institution.
      • Account number: Only if it is not mandatory to use an IBAN for cross-border payments. Please confirm with your financial institution.
  4. To provide tax information, fill out the appropriate tax form. U.S. publishers complete the W-9 form. Non-U.S. publishers select the correct form. Click Other to view additional form selections.

    Select a Tax Form

    If you are not sure which form to fill out, take the tax form questionnaire offered. For additional information, refer to our Marketplace Payments article. For any questions, contact MoPub Tax Support.

    If you selected the W-8BEN form, you must first complete a Certificate of No U.S. Activity.

    Activity Form

Completing these forms automatically submits you as an applicant for Marketplace approval to our MoPub Policy Team.

Step 2. Wait to Receive Marketplace Approval

When you submitted your payment information in the previous step, the MoPub Policy Team was automatically alerted that you are awaiting Marketplace approval. Marketplace approval takes 7-10 business days, so please bear with us. If you have been approved, MoPub does not notify you by email. Check your status either in the Marketplace tab of the MoPub UI, or by emailing

One part of the approval process is a review of your privacy policy. All publisher partners using MoPub services must prominently display and comply with a legally sufficient privacy policy. To avoid unnecessary delays, ensure that all your information is accurate, including whether your app has a valid app store URL in the app settings and complies with our supply-side policies.

The MoPub Policy Team checks for the following to grant Marketplace approval:

  • Your app must be published in a valid app store, such as the Google Play, iTunes, or Kindle store, to be approved. The team looks for a valid Android package name or iTunes App Store URL linked to your MoPub app in the MoPub UI. Set it up in the Apps tab.

  • Policy may require you to provide screenshots of the app in your store’s Admin page to prove that you are the owner of the account.

  • We recommend that you display your privacy policy in the App store, Google Play page, or website. Provide a link to the MoPub Policy Team. An alternative is emailing MoPub a link to or PDF of your privacy policy. If your company website is easily accessible from the app store, and your privacy policy is easily accessible from your website, this is also an acceptable alternative.

If there are any problems with your privacy policy, the MoPub policy team will contact you using the email address you provided in your MoPub account settings, so keep an eye on that inbox.

If you have any questions, or if you haven’t heard from us within ten days of applying for approval, email the MoPub Policy Team at, attaching the following:

  • The corresponding Android package name, iTunes App Store URL, or Amazon Appstore URL linked to your app in the MoPub UI.
  • Screenshots of the app in your store admin page or your website’s admin page to show that you are the owner of the account.
  • Link to your Privacy Policy.
  • MoPub account email address so that Policy can know which account to look at.

After you have received Marketplace approval, MoPub automatically creates line items for every ad unit in your Marketplace tab with a $.05 CPM (read more about ‘Marketplace tab’ instances). Continue to the Manage Marketplace article to learn how to set price floors and otherwise manage your Marketplace settings.

Getting Paid

MoPub aggregates the revenue you earn from Marketplace DSPs and pays you in one monthly direct deposit, using the payment information you provided when you set up payments. Marketplace operates on a CPM basis. This means that you’ll be paid for impressions that generated from Marketplace ads.

Marketplace payments are Net 60. Note that MoPub pays on Marketplace earnings only. For more information, please visit our Getting Paid help article. If you have any specific questions around payments, you can reach out to

The way that you display ad impressions in your app must comply with the MoPub Program Policies; specifically, impressions and clicks on ads must be the result of legitimate human user activity.

MoPub passes the majority of Marketplace revenue to you, the publisher. MoPub applies a revenue share to any impressions served from the Marketplace (refer to MoPub Terms of Service, Section 2). The revenue displayed in the MoPub UI stats and reporting are “net to publisher” numbers, meaning that they already reflect the deducted revenue share.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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