Blocking Advertisers and Creatives in Marketplace

A blocklist allows you to block specific creative and advertisers from displaying ads on your apps. Go to Marketplace > Settings or the Marketplace Line Item details page to access the blocklist.

Particular advertisers can be blocked by adding the domain name (advertiser URL) of the advertiser to the blocklist (located at the bottom of the page within the ‘Settings’ tab). The domain is available from the ‘Creative Review’ tab and is displayed in the table along with the advertiser creative. Once this is set, you will no longer see advertisements from that URL.

Domains should NOT include “www”, “http://www” or any additional punctuation or subdomains. Domains should not be full app store URLs. Anything you enter will be searched in the domain the bidder returns. For example, if you enter “bigadvertiser”, all variations of that will be blocked, such as “”, “”, “”, etc. Enter each domain on a separate line using returns.

Advertiser Blocklist

The ‘Creative Review’ tab within the Marketplace page allows you to view every creative that ran on your app. The “Creative Review” section displays the following:

  1. creative image preview
  2. advertiser URL
  3. demand-side platform responsible for serving ad
  4. revenue accrued from that creative
  5. impressions delivered for that creative
  6. current eCPM for that creative

Blocking Specific Creatives

Individual creatives can be blocked on the ‘Creative Review’ Tab located within the ‘Marketplace’ Tab.

Top 100 Creatives

Click on the ‘Creative ID’ to preview the creative and then click the ‘Block creative’ to stop the creative from serving to inventory through the MPX segment.


Last updated August 26, 2019

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