MoPub Reporting

Reports provide a convenient way of tracking metrics on factors such as your revenue, number of impressions, or number of clicks. You can set reports to run periodically and send them to designated email addresses.

Currently MoPub retains reporting data for 18 months, reporting data from dates prior to 18 months ago are not available.

Run A Report

Run and view MoPub reports by navigating to the Reports tab and selecting ‘New MoPub Report’.

You can designate a report name, schedule a report (on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis), and create a list of email addresses (separated by commas) to receive the report. Please note that yesterday’s data only becomes available at 7:00PM UTC. Also, you won’t be able to put today’s date as the end date for your report, as the data will not be available yet.

Note: While reporting data is available for 18 months back it is only possible to pull three months of data at once. If more than three months of data is required then multiple reports will need to be pulled and aggregated.

Select up to six categories to report on (e.g. App, Ad Unit, Creative) and include desired metrics such as (eg. Attempts/Requests, Impressions, Clicks, Revenue, CTR.)

Click ‘Run Report’ at the bottom right to send a CSV file to all recipients. Selecting ‘Run and Save’ will send this report to all recipients and save it directly in the dashboard.

Set Up A Report

You can report on six categories and include desired metrics.

New Report - Category Dropdown

The following are categories on which you can report:

  • App Categories
    • App
    • Ad Unit
  • Order Categories
    • Order
    • Line Item
    • Line Item Type
    • Priority
    • Creative
  • Time Categories
    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
    • Hour
  • Additional Categories
    • Country
    • OS
    • iOS Device

For example, if you wanted to report on a single Line Item, select ‘Line Item’ as a category, then select the Line Item you want to report on.

New Report - Category Dropdown Selected

You can also include selected reporting metrics via checkboxes below the categories selection. The following is a brief description of the metrics:

Attempts/Requests: When an ad is called, a request is logged within MoPub. An attempt is logged every time MoPub attempts an ad network.

Impressions: The number of times an ad is served.

Clicks: The number of times an ad is clicked on

Revenue: Revenue generated.

CTR: the click-through rate of an ad. The number of times the click is made on the ad divided by the number of impressions.

Last updated December 03, 2020

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