Network Reporting

Note: This feature has been deprecated and while we are maintaining the two current integrations no new networks will be added. Publishers can access accurate network revenue reporting through the Dashboard and MoAnalytics when revenue reporting and Auto CPM have been enabled through the Networks tab in the MoPub UI.

Publishers can now access revenue and performance data from a growing list of supported network partners and MoPub Marketplace. This CSV report contains data from particular network IDs, which are mapped to the associated line item or segment. The reports provide flexibility and publishers can set filters on a particular country or network basis.


  • Network reporting credentials must be configured correctly within the Network tab for Network reporting to work.


  • Save time spent on logging into multiple network interfaces, downloading individual reports, and consolidating them into one format by accessing data from third party demand sources in one place.
  • Dig into the data that matters most by setting filters such as date range, country, and network.
  • Derive insights valuable for monitoring your monetization strategy by pivoting the data.
  • Automate your reports! Scheduled network reports are sent daily at 11am PST.

Run A Report

Similar to MoPub reports, Network reports can be automated or pulled on a daily or weekly basis. To leverage Network reports, navigate to the Reports Section in the MoPub UI.

Supported Networks

Network Name Reporting Granularity
AdColony Ad Unit
AdMob Ad Unit

* NOTE: All network data is broken down at the country level.

Reports Screenshot

Report Definitions

  1. Dimensions
  2. Metrics


Dimension Definition
Network ID This is the ID that the network assigns to an ad unit. Note: This will be blank for the MoPub Marketplace.
App Name Name of the app mapped to the network ID within MoPub
Platform: OS OS mapped to the network ID within MoPub. The value will be iphone or android
Ad Unit Name Name of the ad unit(s) mapped to the network ID within MoPub. Multiple ad units are separated by a semicolon. There may be multiple ad units if the same network ID is trafficked across multiple ad units
Ad Unit Type Ad unit ad format
Line Item/Segment Name The name of the line item or segment within which the specific network ID was used. Multiple values are separated by a semicolon
Country Two letter country code


  • The Network report CSV contains Network metrics and MoPub metrics
    • Network Metrics are metrics reported by the network and pulled from the reporting API. Network columns have (Network Data) appended to them.
    • MoPub Metrics are metrics reported by MoPub. MoPub columns have (MoPub Data) appended to them.

Network Metrics

Network Metrics Definition
Revenue (Network Data) Revenue number as reported by the network
Impressions (Network Data) Number of Impressions as reported by the network
Clicks (Network Data): Number of Clicks
Requests (Network Data): Requests or attempts made to the network to fill an impression
eCPM (calculated from network data): Network Revenue/Network Impressions*1000
Fill Rate (Network Data) Network Impressions/Network Requests*100. This field will be empty for MoPub Marketplace.

MoPub Metrics

  • Note: MoPub data is present when the date range for the report is set to 7 or more days. See more information in the FAQ below.
MoPub Metrics Definition
Impressions (MoPub Data): Number of Impressions as reported by MoPub for the specific network ID
Clicks (MoPub Data) Clicks as reported by MoPub for the specific network ID
Attempts (MoPub Data): Requests made to the network to fill an impression as reported by MoPub for the specific network ID
Fill Rate (MoPub Data) MoPub Impressions/MoPub Attempts * 100. Note: This field will be empty for MoPub Marketplace.


1. What time do the Network CSV Reports become available?

  • Network reports are available by 11am PST

2. What is the difference between Network reports and MoPub reports?

  • MoPub reports include data from the MoPub ad server and Marketplace (which has been computed from internal MoPub logs), while network reports contain revenue and performance data, which has been received directly from ad networks.
  • You can learn more about MoPub Reports here.

3. Is there a difference between network data in the MoPub UI vs network reports (in the Reports tab)?

  • While network reports only includes data that has been downloaded directly from ad networks, the network data in the MoPub UI may contain estimated or apportioned network revenue.

4. Why are there blank cells for MoPub data associated with certain network IDs?

  • MoPub pulls in all ad units for a particular network, even ones that don’t run through MoPub. We will not have MoPub data for network IDs that are not trafficked in the MoPub UI. Therefore, those cells remain blank.

5. Why is MoPub data only present when date range is set to 7 or more days?

  • We show MoPub data next to the network data so that you can compare the numbers and take action in case of notable discrepancies. However, ad networks report in different time zones, which make reconciling their data with MoPub’s (reported in UTC) more complicated. Selecting a large enough date range reduces the impact of varying time zones, which makes the comparisons between network and Marketplace data more useful.

6. Why are multiple MoPub ad units included in a single cell/row for a particular network ID?

  • MoPub pulls in data at the network ID level, so when publishers enter the same network ID for multiple MoPub ad units, we have no way of differentiating them. As a result, we show all MoPub ad units associated with that network ID in the same cell.

7. Are you actively adding more networks?

  • Yes. Our team is adding networks on an ongoing basis. Please keep in mind that network prioritization is based on customer demand. If you are interested in support for a specific network, you can reach out to with the network name.
  • Networks must currently be a supported mediation partner to participate in the revenue reporting program.
  • Each network must build to the MoPub reporting API which requires product planning on the network’s end. Reaching out to the network in parallel will help them understand customer demand in order to prioritize accordingly.

8. Why don’t all networks support ad unit level granularity?

  • All network partners must build to the MoPub Reporting API in order for MoPub to support network stats at the ad unit level. If there is a partner that does not support ad unit level granularity, please reach out to the network so they are informed about demand from publishers.

Last updated December 03, 2020

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