Auto CPM

Auto CPM is a part of MoPub’s broader effort in helping mobile publishers maximize revenue and save time by automating the task of updating network CPMs in the ad mediation waterfall to accurately reflect the demand for your ad inventory. We have expanded this feature to most of our supported networks, please refer to the Supported Mediation Partner page for the full list of networks available.

Auto CPM calculation uses a rolling seven day average CPM based on historical country and network ID data. To ensure accuracy and optimize effectively, we highly recommend using unique network IDs per MoPub ad unit.

When a line item or network segment is paused and then set to resume, we will use the last Auto CPM value that was set. If Auto CPM was never enabled previously, we will use the CPM entered by the publisher.

If you are on the supported instance of these networks, we encourage you to turn on Auto CPM today to take advantage of the benefits. If you are using a custom native network setup, please review our documentation to learn How to Migrate to a Supported Network Instance in order to enable Auto CPM.

Enable Auto CPM

  1. Navigate to the Network page.
  2. Select the network from the table and a modal will pop up.
  3. Click enable reporting access and enter in your reporting credentials. Click save.
  4. Navigate to the Auto CPM preferences tab and enable Auto CPM Updating using the toggle switch.
  5. In the inventory dropdown, select if you want to enable Auto CPM for all apps or specific apps only. If you select for specific apps only, a list will appear below with all of your apps. Select which apps you want to run Auto CPM on and click “Save”.
    • When the “All Apps’ option is selected, new apps that are created will be automatically opted in for Auto CPM
    • You will see a lock screen if reporting is disabled. Navigate to the Network Settings tab, input your credentials and click “Save”.
    • If you did not manually enter a CPM into your segments or line items, the default of $0.05 will be used.

CPMs are updated once daily beginning at 19:00 UTC. If before this time you enable Auto CPM for an existing network that already has data, your CPMs will be updated the same day. If you enable Auto CPM after this time, your CPMs will be updated the following day after 19:00 UTC.

If a new app or line item is created and delivers impression before end of day UTC, the CPM will be updated the following day. If the line item was created after end of day UTC, the CPM will be updated two days later.

Inventory Details

Publishers can select the apps they want to enable per network.

If a line item is targeted to multiple apps & one of the apps is not enabled for Auto CPM, then we will not update the line item. Publishers have the option to opt line items out of Auto CPM through the line item edit page.

Line Item Override

Line items that do not contain a value in the line item’s placement override field will use the network IDs entered in the network tab and ad unit setup page. Additionally, these line items will use an average CPM derived from the reporting across all of the ad units it’s targeting.

UI Details

Auto CPM values are underlined in the UI. Publishers can view the Auto CPM values, timestamp, and any related errors by clicking on the Auto CPM value throughout the UI.


How are the CPM values calculated if the same network ID is used across multiple ad units?

MoPub will map the reporting to the network ID and country. If this is the same across several ad units, MoPub will use the same value across those ad units. We recommend creating unique IDs per MoPub ad unit and 1-1 line item targeting.

When should I expect my CPMs to update?

Auto CPM updating begins at 19:00 UTC. You should contact support if the updates are not made by 22:00 UTC.

Why can’t I disable network reporting?

You must completely disable Auto CPM for a given network before disabling network reporting.

What happens when pausing a line item or segment?

When a line item or network segment is paused and then set to resume, we will use the last Auto CPM value that was set. If Auto CPM was never enabled previously, we will use the CPM entered by the publisher.

Last updated March 04, 2019

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