Optimization Engine

The Optimization Engine is a set of recommendations tailored specifically to your account. Use the Optimization Engine page to review and implement these recommendations for maximizing your revenue.

Understand the Optimization Engine

We at MoPub understand the complexities of mobile ad mediation and monetization. We appreciate the ongoing testing and optimization required to maximize revenue.

Our mission is to help valued publishers like you scale your ad business and maximize your apps’ performance and average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU). We have leveraged our years of experience with sophisticated publisher partners and our wealth of data for your benefit.

To help you navigate through the demanding yet rewarding monetization journey, we compiled the top recommendations that we have been sharing with publishers for years and customized them based on your current MoPub settings. Our optimization suggestions are specifically tailored for you, to help you reach maximum performance and ARPDAU potential.

To access your Optimization Engine page, expand the drop menu next to the email address in the top right corner of the Publisher UI, and select Optimization engine.

Access the Optimization Engine

The notification bubble in the image above displays the number of current recommendations available for your account (in this example, there are 119 recommendations ready to review).

Recommendation Categories

The Optimization Engine page has a subtab for each category of recommendations:

Optimization Engine Categories

General Setup

In General Setup, we highlight any missing or invalid information in your app setup.

It is critical that you provide accurate information when setting up your apps because this information is passed down in bid requests to DSPs/bidders, enabling them to bid correctly on your inventory. For details about fixing missing or incorrect information, refer to our article about managing your apps.

New Features

In this section, we introduce exciting new MoPub features that will benefit your performance and ARPDAU.

For instance, if you have not checked out our latest Advanced Bidding feature, then this section is where we will point out ad units for which you have not yet integrated Advanced Bidding.

We recommend using Advanced Bidding for network mediation whenever possible. This helps you reduce waterfall latency, improve fill rate, and increase impressions per daily active user (DAU), all of which can lead to a higher ARPDAU. Our A/B tests have confirmed that Advanced Bidding results in a +5% to +45% increase in ARPDAU, as well as time saved on waterfall management.


  • Integrate high-performing networks for your geos and formats. Increased competition in your waterfall increases ARPDAU. Maximize your revenue potential by ensuring high-performing networks are integrated for each of your targeted geos and ad formats.

    Our network recommendation section will notify you if you are missing one of the top 10 performing networks for a specific geo or ad format. For more information on network integration, refer to our article about managing networks.

  • Enable Auto CPM or ensure that your eCPM is set correctly. The network line item eCPMs that you set in the MoPub Publisher UI should match the network’s eCPM. This is crucial for maximizing revenue, because some networks’ averages fluctuate as much as 20-30%. Enable Auto CPM for your network line items to be confident that your eCPMs are consistently updated to the most accurate values.

    MoPub’s Auto CPM feature updates the line items’ eCPMs every 24 hours. The values are based on a rolling seven-day average from data collected via the network API reporting connection. With Auto CPM, your network line items are accurately placed within the waterfall with no effort. Learn more about Auto CPM here.

Waterfall Optimization

Waterfall management can be a complex and, at times, overwhelming task. We are sharing some of our best practices to ease you through this process and achieve maximum results.

Below are selected optimizations that we have validated through A/B testing to hold potential for ARDAU lift:

  • Review line items with low fill rate but high attempts. We highlight line items in your waterfalls where we see low fill rate (how often ad requests result in fills) and high attempts (number of times any demand source or ad source–this can be a network, MoPub Marketplace, or Direct Serve–is called to fill an ad request). We bring these to your attention because they are line items you should investigate; in the absence of any technical issues, we recommend that you consider removing them to reduce waterfall latency and improve performance.

  • Review line items with fills but no shows. We highlight line items in your waterfalls where we observe fill rates (how often ad requests result in fills) alongside low render rate (how often ad requests result in impressions; we consider “low” to be less than 10% ). These line items should be investigated for technical issues; if none are found, consider removing them to reduce waterfall latency and improve performance.

  • Ensure fair access for MoPub Marketplace. Marketplace creates additional competition from ad networks and has proven to increase average eCPMs and ARPDAU when it competes at all levels of the waterfall. MoPub Marketplace aggregates brand and performance campaigns from Twitter and more than 130 DSPs.

    We recommend that you have a running Advanced Bidding Marketplace line for all ad units with Advanced Bidding enabled. This provides fair access for Marketplace to compete, so that you can maximize revenue.

Content Blocking

MoPub gives you control over the content served on your inventory, and streamlines the task of managing your content blocks.

However, too many blocks may stifle revenue potential. We point out any content block at either the account level or the app level that falls into MoPub’s list of top 20 spending domains or DSPs. You might consider removing these blocks to unlock potential revenue, or dismiss our recommendations (link to “mark irrelevant section” below) if you find them irrelevant.

Review Our Recommendations

Filtering our suggestions by app and ad unit makes it easier to scroll through our recommendations. As you review them, you can implement or remove each one.

Filter the Recommendations

We surface all recommendations that MoPub finds relevant and beneficial for your account, and you can choose to browse through all of them or just a few in one sitting. You can filter your recommendations by specific apps and/or ad units for a more refined view.

To filter our recommendations, simply select an app and/or ad unit of interest in the drop menu shown below. In this filtered view, we will only show recommendations for the selected app or ad unit.

Filter Recommendations

Accept Recommendations

Next to each recommendation is a Fix it button. Clicking it redirects you to the relevant page on the MoPub UI, where you can take the MoPub suggested action on that recommendation.

Optimization Engine Accept Recommendation

Remove a Recommendation

Next to each recommendation is a Remove option. Click it to remove this suggestion from your recommendations dashboard.

Last updated September 17, 2021

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