Setting Budgets

Note: Line item budgets are padded by 10% to ensure they do not underserve so please keep this in mind when setting the budget value.

Publishers can use the MoPub UI to apply budgets to all line Item types except Backfill Promotional and Promotional line items. If a line item has a value entered into the budget field within the UI it will go through our budgeting system. Budgeted line item delivery behavior is dictated by the below setting options:

  • Budget: Select the type of budgeting goal that meets your needs
    • Unlimited - no budget applied, serve as many impressions as avaliable
    • Lifetime goal - the budget goal is meant to be applied over the entire run dates set for the line item
      • Note: If ‘Delivery speed’ is set to ‘Spread evenly’ then an End Date is required.
    • Daily goal - the budget goal is meant to be applied for each single day within the line item run dates
  • Rate: CPM (only option supported)
  • Delivery speed: Spread Evenly or All at Once
  • End: End date (“Stop Time” filled in) or no endpoint (Leave “Stop time” blank)

Budgeted line items first check the budgeting service to confirm there is budget remaining to be allocated to the line item at the time of the ad request. If there is no budget available for the budgeted line item then the next demand source in your waterfall will have a chance to fill the impression. The budgeting system operates in Pacific Time (PST) while the MoPub UI displays data in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

An impression served at 11 pm PT on 3/31/15 will be recorded (and shown in the UI) as an impression served at 6 am UTC on 4/1/15. The delivery of ads works as intended and as set up in our UI. It is only the reporting of the delivery (both in the UI and in scheduled reports) that translates into UTC. The actual impression delivery and budgeting is done entirely in PST.

How Pacing Works

Budget Type: total impressions

If “total impressions” is chosen for Budget type and “Spread Evenly” is chosen for Delivery Speed, there is a daily/hourly target calculated at the launch of the campaign and assigned to each day and hour within the day.

Hourly pacing = total budget/ # of hours in the run dates

MoPub does not recalculate or dynamically adjust pacing based off of the impressions delivered to date. The calculation is static, always the budget at that point in time divided by the number of hours within the entire run dates. So, if a line item under-paced or over-paced, it will catch up or correct itself asap, rather than spreading the difference over the remaining days. This will result in a spike or drop in traffic until the impressions served is back in line with the daily budget total goal set at the beginning of the run dates.

Here are some common line item changes and how they would affect budgeting:

  • If a budgeted line item under-delivers one day (or a few days) then MoPub will try to catch up to the budget goal set as soon as possible, so on subsequent days you may see a spike in delivery until the budgeted goal for that moment in time is met.
  • If a budgeted line item over-delivers one day (or a few days) then MoPub will stop serving impression on subsequent days until the impressions served is back inline with the budget goal for that moment in time.
  • If the run date time is shortened then you will see a spike in delivery immediately, this will continue until the served impressions catches up to where it should be based on the new hourly pacing calculations.
  • If the run date time is lengthened then you will see a stop in delivery until the served impression falls back into line with where it should be based on the new hour pacing calculations.

Budget Type: impressions/day

If “impressions/day” is chosen for Budget type the budget resets each day at 12am PST. If the line item over or under delivers during the day it will not have any effect on the following days. The following days will continue to serve against the daily budget that was set at the beginning.

Delivery Speed

  • Spread Evenly - impressions will be allocated evenly by hour throughout the entire run date
  • All at once - impressions will be allocated without time based throttling


Q. You have line items with daily or total impression goals that are delivering on target based on the data shown in the pacing bar. When you look at the scheduled reports, it looks like the campaign has under-delivered. Why does this happen?

A. Budgeting system uses real-time stats for the delivery of your line items and this data is used in the pacing bar of the line items in your account.Real-time stats also go through offline processing to eliminate (dedupe) the impressions or clicks that are fraudulent, etc. If you have enough available inventory for delivery but you are seeing a large discrepancy between the expected budget delivery and your offline reports then there is likely an integration issue. Please reach out to your account team to have this looked into.

Ensure that ALL of your budgeted line items above any mediated Custom JavaScript Networks.

Q. Are line item start/end dates taken into consideration when allocating inventory among budgeted line items?

A. No. Once the line item is set up, a daily budget amount is calculated and assigned to every hour or day. These values do not get calibrated depending on the volume or the end date you have previously entered.

Q. How accurate is the progress bar on the Orders tab?

A. The number here is a reflection of what has been delivered in real-time. It shows real time stats which are not the final numbers. The final numbers which are reflected in scheduled reports are pulled from offline stats and reflect de-duped numbers.

If a change has been made to the line item during the run dates (i.e. while the line item is live) then the status bar can be inaccurate.

Given the high risk of a failover issue in third party custom network tags, we recommend that ALL of your budgeted line items are placed above any mediated Custom JavaScript Networks within your waterfall. If not implemented properly, there have been known impression discrepancies and problems with the delivery of budgeted line items.

Q. What time zone is budgeting on?

A. The budgeting system is on PST time zone. If daily budgeting is used then it resets each day at 12am PST.

Q. Why do some budgeted line items have a packing bar with a percentage value with a ‘Pace’ percentage value underneath?

A. The appearance of the ‘Progress’ column depends on the ‘Delivery Speed’ (pacing) set within a budgeted (guaranteed) line item,

  • ‘Spread Evenly’ will show a pacing bar with a percentage value, the percentage value reflects how much of the entire budget has been filled to date. Under the pacing bar there will be another ‘Pace’ percentage value which reflects a projection of how much the line item will fill based on the booked budget value set.
    • You can see this in the first, second, and fourth line item in the above screenshot.
  • ‘All at once’ will only have a pacing bar and a percentage value which reflects how much of the entire budget has been filled to date. There will be no ‘Pace’ section as there is for line items setup to ‘Spend Evenly’.
    • You can see this in the third line item in the above screenshot.

Last updated March 04, 2019

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