Orders & Line Items - FAQ

My line item is currently paused and I would like to set it live. When I do so, the line item remains in the paused state.

Please check the status of the order to which the line item belongs, and ensure that the order is set live. The order level supersedes the line item level, so once you have set the order to live then the line item will stay in the live state.

My line item is not running.

  • Have you verified the targeting parameters? Does the persontesting the ad fall into the targeting parameters you have entered in for the line item?
  • Does the ad unit size match the creative size? If these do not match up, then the line item will not deliver. If an interstitial is running, then verify that the orientation matches (landscape or portrait).Also ensure that a creative is uploaded.
  • Have you checked the budget parameters? If the line item has already delivered in full then it will not continue running. Verify to ensure you have not reached your goals.

An Advertiser provided me a tag, where do you put that?

You would set this up as an order. When you are creating the line item within the order, just be sure to select HTML as the Creative Type. When you do that, there will be a box where you can paste the tag in.

How do I set up a rich media campaign? What are the supported rich media partners?

You can set up a rich media campaign by selecting the MRAID checkbox when uploading a new creative.

Is there a click tracking macro for HTML creative?

If you are plugging in a standard 3rd party tag into the HTML field, then as long as the click through is either a window.location or <a href> redirect, the MoPub system will automatically handle the click through tracking.

How are Line Items Prioritized Using Integer Priority Levels?

You can now edit the Priority of a line item, which determines the order in which your line item is served. Priority ranges from 1-16, where 1 is the highest priority and 16 is the lowest. More details on Integer Priority Levels can be found here.

My app in the segment waterfall cannot be configured to run any of the ad networks nor can I adjust the eCPM parameters through the dashboard.

Within your Segment Waterfall section, take off the pre-populated status:running filter in order to enter eCPMs values and activate the ad networks along with other line item configurations. The filters will re-apply automatically upon completing the configurations.

Last updated March 04, 2019

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