Reports Tab: Manage Reports

MoPub offers publishers several ways to access both MoPub data and third-party network reporting data.

Reporting Name Access Description Learn More
MoPub reports Publisher UI: Reports tab MoPub’s data

Run MoPub reports to track metrics based on MoPub data. Same content as Publisher Reporting API below, but via our UI.
Discussed in this article, and then in greater detail in our MoPub Reports article
Publisher Reporting API Publisher Reporting API (enable in the Reports tab) MoPub’s data

Access inventory and campaign reports through MoPub’s Publisher Reporting API. Same content as MoPub Reports above, but via API.
Learn how to grant access in this article; then refer to our Publisher Reporting API article for detail
Network reports Publisher UI: Reports tab Networks’ data

Run revenue and performance data from a limited list of supported network partners and the MoPub Marketplace.
Discussed in this article, and then in greater detail in our Network Reports article
MoPub Analytics MoPub Analytics UI provided as an additional tool MoPub’s and networks’ data

Also called MoAnalytics, this provides more granular data for qualifying publisher accounts using MoPub Marketplace.
Discussed in our MoPub Analytics article
Publisher Dashboard Publisher UI: Publisher Dashboard MoPub’s and networks’ data

Get a holistic view of your ad business with insights such as inventory fill rate, demand source fill rate, and accurate revenue for supported networks. The dashboard displays data from all your demand sources (networks, Marketplace, and Direct Serve ads).
Discussed in our Publisher Dashboard article

Reports Tab

Use the Reports tab to:

Reports Tab

View Existing Reports

This page displays MoPub and network reports that have been created under your account.

You can search for specific reports by name in the Find reports box. Or, just to the right, you can select from the drop lists to filter the reports displayed in this page by data source (MoPub or Networks), status (All, Failed, Pending, Completed, No Data, Resubmitted, or Active), or reporting interval (All, Daily, Weekly, etc.).

For each report, the table displays the report’s Name, Data source (MoPub or network), Status (Failed, Pending, Completed, No Data, Resubmitted, or Active), the dates of the report’s Last run and Next run, and the granularity Details of the report.

You can sort the list of reports by any of these columns. For example, to see the most recently run reports on top, click the Last run column until the down arrow displays. The reports are now sorted in descending order of their last run.

Download Completed Reports

In the Status column, reports with the status ‘Completed’ provide a download link. Click it to save a CSV file of the report.

Edit or Run an Existing Report

Click on a report Name to review or edit its properties. The report properties page for an existing report is the same as the page you see when you first create a new report. Refer to the descriptions of report properties for MoPub or networkreports.

Clicking Save in the report properties page runs the report ad-hoc in addition to saving any changes. Back in the Reports tab, the report’s status appears as ‘Pending’ while the report runs.

Enable MoPub Reporting API

At the very top of the Reports tab is an option to Enable data access through API. Selecting it enables you to generate the same MoPub reports available in the Publisher UI via our Publisher Reporting API as well.

Right next to the enable option is a link to View API access details. This displays the credentials required to access our API for your data: the API key, the Inventory report ID, and the Campaign report ID. You can use this screen to reset your API key by clicking Reset API key at the bottom.

Read about our Publisher Reporting API.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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