Inventory Segments

Inventory Segment Deprecation

Inventory Segments will be deprecated in the first two weeks of October. After the segment deprecation, we will also automatically migrate your “segment-converted traditional line items” into AB line items if your account already opt-in AB migration for Facebook or Adcolony networks.


  • Archvied Segments will not be migrated.
  • Each network within the Segment will break out into its own new Order and the Advertiser will be the name of the Network (i.e. Vungle)
  • The newly created Order will have a new Order ID.
  • Each new Order will include a line item for each ad unit that the Segment targeted.
  • The line items will keep the same ID and have a suffix added to the end of the name.
  • The ID of the Line Item (aka ad group) will remain the same.
  • Creation and management of ‘Custom JS networks’ and ‘Custom SDK networks’ will only be support via Line Items. The Networks tab will now only reflect our supported Network partners.

Visual Examples

Before migration

1) Each Segment can contain multiple networks and target multiple ad units.


2) Each individual row is a network segment for that ad unit and on the backend is a unique line item (aka ad group).


3) The network ids for the Segment are entered in the “App & ad unit setup” tab. This was the only use case for the tab so post migration the tab will be gone.


After migration

1) New created orders will be structured in “Network” + “Segment” level. They will be surfaced on the “Order” page, under “Segments Converted Order” section.


2) As each network within the Segment that targets an ad unit has a unique ad group behind the scene, after the conversion, they will become a traditional Line Item with the name of the Network, ad unit, and a suffix of ‘- OldNetworkSegment’.


3) Creation and management of ‘Custom JS networks’ and ‘Custom SDK networks’ will only be supported via Line Items. Custom networks will be removed from the network tab fully.


Last updated October 01, 2021

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