Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads provide full-screen experiences, commonly incorporating rich media to offer a higher level of interactivity than banner ads. Interstitials are typically shown during natural transitions in your application, such as on app launch, after completing a game level, or while your app is downloading content from the internet.

Load Interstitial Ads in Your App

  1. Pre-fetch an interstitial:


    Note: Ad requests must be made on the main thread.

  2. Show the interstitial:

     MoPub.ShowInterstitialAd (interstitialAdUnit);
  3. Optionally implement lifecycle callbacks. The MoPub Unity plugin includes a variety of optional callbacks that you can use to be notified of events, such as when an interstitial has successfully loaded, or when an interstitial is closed. The interstitial-related callback handlers are below:

OnInterstitialLoadedEvent (string adUnitId)
OnInterstitialFailedEvent (string adUnitId, string errorCode)
OnInterstitialDismissedEvent (string adUnitId)
OnInterstitialExpiredEvent (string adUnitId)
OnInterstitialShownEvent (string adUnitId)
OnInterstitialClickedEvent (string adUnitId)

Best Practices

You can be notified that an interstitial was fetched successfully by implementing onInterstitialLoadedWe highly recommend waiting for the onInterstitialLoadedcallback before showing the interstitial. Waiting provides the ad enough time to load and show as expected.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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