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The MoPub Preferences is a section in the Unity Preferences (Unity > Preferences…), which allows developers to enable and disable optional features for the MoPub Unity SDK. As of the 5.4 release, the MoPub menu is enabled by default, while native ads and the build menu are in beta and remain off by default. They are further detailed below.

MoPub Preferences

Hovering the mouse pointer over each feature shows a description of the feature:

MoPub Preferences Description

MoPub Preferences Description

MoPub Preferences Description

MoPub menu

The MoPub menu has the following available features that publishers can use to browse documentation, or manage integrated SDKs, for example. For more information about the SDK Manager option, check the integration guide’s migration guide.

MoPub Menu

MoPub Build menu (beta)

The MoPub Build menu is a convenience tool for publishers who modify the MoPub Unity Android and iOS wrappers via a fork of our repository. Whereas before these publishers would need to run command-line scripts to build the wrappers (sometimes having to close the Unity editor), now they can easily build them, and export the unity package from within the Unity editor.

MoPub Menu

To use the MoPub build menu, open the unity-sample-app project in the desired fork of the mopub-unity-sdk repository. From that project, check the appropriate MoPub Preference (from Unity > Preferences… > MoPub), and that will show the MoPub menu.

Here are the following build actions available in the menu:

  • Build Current Platform: builds the MoPub wrapper for the currently enabled platform (Android or iOS*)
  • Build All Platforms: builds the MoPub wrappers for both Android and iOS*
  • Export MoPub Package: exports a unity package with the currently built wrappers and project

The MoPub build menu has the following build options:

  • Debug Build: when to build wrappers with a debug flag
    • Always
    • Never
    • If Development Build: when the “Development Build” option in Build Settings is checked
  • Compile on App Build: if enabled, every time the app is built via Build or Build And Run in Unity’s Build Settings dialog, the wrapper for the current platform will be built first

* The MoPub iOS SDK is only buildable on Mac OSX hosts. On Windows hosts, only the MoPub Android SDK will be built.

Last updated March 04, 2020

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