Native [Experimental]


Native is a new and experimental feature in the MoPub Unity SDK, which allow publishers to integrate an ad format that is native to Unity.

Unity Native


The native ad format renders ads from the MoPub Marketplace onto Unity gameobjects that can be placed anywhere on the scene. Since the ad is then like any other gameobject, it can collide with other objects, have gravity, and be rendered in 2D, 3D, VR or AR.

3D Native Ad with gravity

Unity Native

Native Ad in 3D environment

Unity Native

Native Ad with AR image tracking

Unity Native

Native Ad floating with AR

Unity Native

We encourage our publishers to play with this feature and experiment with ways it could be part of their applications, and then contact us via your account teams, if they would like to provide feedback, ask questions, or want to participate in our beta program.

Additional Notes

  • Monetization is not supported, as this feature should only be used for experimentation purposes.
  • We currently support only MoPub Marketplace ads (Mediation is not supported yet)
  • Only Android Apps built using our Unity plugin will support native format.

Getting Started

To enable MoPub native ads on Unity, ensure you have at least version 5.2 of the Unity MoPub SDK, then check the appropriate MoPub Preference (from Unity > Preferences… > MoPub). This will do the following:

  • Copy a required MoPub Android SDK jar into Plugins/Android
  • Include the native ads gameobjects into the project hierarchy

You can then play the MoPubDemoScene and load/show a mock native ad using the UI buttons. If the same scene is deployed to an Android device, then you can load/show real ads from the MoPub marketplace.

Last updated December 19, 2019

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