Rewarded Video Integration

Rewarded video ads are a great way to offer users an incentive to stay engaged in your app, while earning more ad revenue. The reward generally comes in the form of in-game currency (gold, coins, power-ups) and is distributed to the user after a successful video completion. MoPub’s mediation solution officially supports rewarded videos from popular ad networks - AdMob, AdColony, Facebook Audience Network, OnebyAOL, Unity Ads, Vungle, Chartboost, ironSource and Tapjoy.


  1. Initialize rewarded video

  2. Pre-fetch the rewarded video ad

     MoPub.requestRewardedVideo(rewardedVideoAdUnit, mediationSettings, keywords, latitude, longitude, customerId);
  3. Show the rewarded video

  4. [Optional] Implement the lifecycle callbacks

Here are the rewarded video-related callback handlers:

void onRewardedVideoLoaded (string adUnitId)
void onRewardedVideoFailed (string errorMsg)
void onRewardedVideoExpired (string adUnitId)
void onRewardedVideoShown (string adUnitId)
void onRewardedVideoFailedToPlay (string adUnitId)
void onRewardedVideoReceivedReward (string json)
void onRewardedVideoClosed (string adUnitId)
void onRewardedVideoLeavingApplication (string adUnitId)

Best Practices

  • We recommend placing rewarded video ads where your users are already engaging with in-app purchases or in locations where users may be seeking an in-app reward, such as the end of a game or at currency redemption points. Once your users have finished watching the video ad, you can designate the reward they will receive.
  • You can be notified that a rewarded video was fetched successfully by implementing onRewardedVideoLoaded. We highly recommend to wait for the onRewardedVideoLoaded callback before showing the rewarded video. This will ensure that the ad will have enough time to load and show as expected.

Known Limitations

  • Reward type should be in English only. Localized characters are yet to be supported.
  • Concurrent ad requests using the same adunits is not supported until we make additional improvements.

Last updated March 04, 2019

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