MoPub Chrome Extension

The following is a proposal for discussion and feedback purposes only, and is subject to change.


The MoPub Chrome Extension started as an experiment to gain proof that there is value in launching and maintaining a public REST API. It is meant to provide an example of how our Publisher Management API can be used for automating common tasks carried out with the MoPub User Interface (UI).

The Extension is not meant to replace the MoPub UI.

The extension was developed to help users manage line items, the intention is to provide a quick way to copy, create and modify line items to reduce the manual effort. Tasks like creating/ managing Ad Units, Orders, Networks, and Advanced Bidding which can be done via UI quickly are not a part of the scope of this project.

The Extension supports most of the functionality supported by the MoPub User Interface but there is no commitment or guarantee that there will be absolute parity. Additionally, functionality is limited to what is provided within our Publisher Management API.

Main functionality

  • Duplicate an ad unit waterfall
  • CSV import / export for updating line items
  • Inline management of line items including bulk updating for commonly used fields

Get started

  1. Download and install the MoPub Chrome Extension here. If this is your first time using a Chrome Extension you can learn about them here.
  2. Launch or pin the Extension and log into the MoPub Account. Once you login, you will see a little “ON” message in the icon indicating it’s ready to use.
  3. After launching the Extension add an API key from the account you are logged into.
    • Get an API key: “Account Settings” tab on, scroll down to the “Publisher Management API Keys” section. Once here, you can create a new API key by clicking on the “New API key” button.
  4. The extension does not reflect the change to MoPub UI in real time, in order to apply the changes you make you will have to manually hit the “apply” button in the extension. This will give you a space to play around with your waterfall setup without affecting your production one.
    • Load ad unit
    • Make changes
    • Apply

Version history

A changelog for new versions will be posted below.

Last updated September 20, 2021

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